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Actron Industries, Inc. is a food solutions company with 37 years experience in flavors and food ingredients.  The company’s core business is centered
a comprehensive understanding of the technology behind, Flavors, Industrial Chocolate, Butter Fractionation, Soya Proteins, Functional ingredients
and Health based neutraceuticals.


1. A  distributor for industrial accounts and agent for global leaders in the fields of:.

a. Industrial Chocolate
b. Fractionated AMF
c. Soya Proteins TVP
d. Neutraceuticals
e. Flavour and Food INgredients

2. A distributor of Food Service & Bakery ingredients under its own brand “Bakersfield”

3. A complete food solutions provider where it can conceptualize, develop and produce a tailor made premix or a complete FMG product.


• A/S Nielsen – Sells ingredients to local and foreign owned industrial food and pharmaceutical companies under traded brands. Headed by a Sales Manager and industrial account managers all with food technology backgrounds.

• Bakersfield Food Services – Sells to Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Fast Food chains. Headed by a Sales Manager, account managers, supported by baking technicians and a national distribution network or distributor/dealers nationwide.

• Business Development – develops and manages flag ship accounts that require food solutions. Headed by a VP with well-rounded experience in the field of Flavours and Food Ingredients.

• Tolman Manufacturing – the manufacturing subsidiary of the company. Read more »»